Free Local Delivery

 with a minimum order.

Call 425-641-9484 for Delivery or Pickup

Sugee's Hours are 7am to 2pm

Deliveries 9am to 1:15

Monday through Friday

Special hours and weekend days

 can be arranged depending on order size.

Please call for details.



Rules. We don't need no stinking rules!


Well Actually we do need a few and here they are.

Placing an order.

When should i place my order? Well if you really like us you will call the day ahead and place your order but we don't live in a perfect world and we know stuff happens so let's go to option two. For all Bellevue, Redmond and Kirkland orders we need a three hour lead in placing your same day order. For example if you need your order by noon call it in by 9 and we'll have enough time to make your lunch fresh to order.


If you're ordering from Seattle please place your order the day before for best results.


Now we know emergencies always happen and a lot of times you may not have your order in before the deadline so don't loose hope. Give us a call and we'll try really hard to make things work.

Delivery Times.

The thing about lunch is that everyone wants it delivered between 11 and 12 and given the number of people who like to eat lunch we just can't promise anything. What we can promise is that we won't be late. We need a 45 minute lead time for all orders. If you're going to eat lunch at 11:45 we'll be there sometime between 11:00 and 11:45.

Delivery Minimums.

We don't charge for deliveries as long as you order at least the minimums.

Bellevue:   1 lunch

Redmond: 2 lunches

Kirkland:    2 lunches

Seattle:      3 lunches


All other area's are negotiable about minimums and delivery charges.


Call us...425-641-9484                    Email

or come visit us at 13225 NE 20th ST, Bellevue Washington 98005

Sugee's Hours are 7 am to 2pm Monday through Friday

Special hours and weekend days can be

arranged depending on order.

Please call for details.